Bike Commuting and I'm Back

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Re: Bike Commuting and I'm Back

Post by stu » Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:58 am

That sort of thing happens to me a lot in the summer when you cross large open grassy fields, the temperature can drop as much as 10-15 degrees. It’s really refreshing when it’s 100% humidity in the middle of July.

In the spring when the air temperature is warmer than the water temperature it will generate advection (river) fog – this is the fog you’ll see that will linger over the Mississippi River all day sometimes. I’ve been in a vessel in this stuff and its freezing cold and the air temp surrounding is warm, pretty cool. Fairly unusual down here, much more popular in San Fran Bay, etc.

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Re: Bike Commuting and I'm Back

Post by Monkey Boy » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:16 am

That used to happen to me a lot when I lived South of Austin near San Marcos and rode in the mornings along a lot of little ranch roads out in the hills. Any time the road takes a dip and goes across a low water crossing in a creek bed the temp drops 5-10 degrees. Most of the creek beds are pretty much solid limestone and the stone changes temps much slower than dirt or air. If there's water in the creek you can get some pretty thick fog.

What sucks is the opposite happens in the summer. That limestone retains heat like a freakin' oven! You ride along a rock cliff and you have heat radiating up from the asphalt and from the rock cliff.
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Re: Bike Commuting and I'm Back

Post by robc » Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:00 pm

Monkey Boy wrote:Any time the road takes a dip and goes across a low water crossing in a creek bed the temp drops 5-10 degrees.
I know of a couple spots up in the northern part of the parish that is exactly like this! Two small creek beds where the road dips down, and it can be very refreshing on a warm humid morning, I know where they are at and look forward to them. But there is no limestone, not even sure there is much water, more like a ditch. And its not just above the water, its anywhere the road drops down, like a 100 yard long section. And you can visually see it when its foggy. Its as if this low spot is unaffected by the normal weather changes.

But the lake crossing was very different. Temp dropped about 20F, had a biting wind, and it lasted for about 2 miles. Enough to really screw with your mind.
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Re: Bike Commuting and I'm Back

Post by FredrickLowe » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:04 am

Monkey Boy wrote:Yeah, on the street w/out a decent light is too sketchy for me. I hate it when headlights blind you and you can't see changes in the road without a decent light. I need to budget for a new one since I'm going to go back to biking home once it gets out of the triple digits here. Both of my old halogen lights have dead batteries and my HID battery pack is too freaking heavy for commuting. I know a few people who swear by the Niterider led lighting for commuting. They're bright and have a pretty long run time. They have a few models for a little under $100 that can be charged thru a USB port. That way you can leave the USB connector at work & standard outlet one at home. If you commute in early you can top it off before going to class.

Not sure if the code is still good but cambria was running a free shipping special last week with the coupon code "POWERUP"

Here's one for $90 w/separate battery cord (It's slightly more for the model that has a helmet mount)

Here's an all-in-one unit for $100.

Both have the usb charger.
Right choice of lights..I do have similar lights and it does help in better vision.. Lookig to get more such lights in future

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