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McLindon Family Foundation

Post by Charley Rome » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:23 pm


It's been a while since I posted to the board. This isn't mountain biking, but is bicycling related.

I am writing to ask for your support of the McLindon Family Foundation. The McLindon Family Foundation is a Baton Rouge based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that purchases and donates adaptive bikes for special needs children. I learned about the foundation through my cycling friend John McLindon. John and his six brothers and sisters run this charity on a tight budget and 100% of the funds that are donated go to purchase bicycles for children. Below is a short video about the program.

The bicycles are selected by the children's therapists based on individual needs of each child. Almost all the children who receive bicycles are receiving physical therapy. Bikes from the foundation play an integral role in physical therapy received by the children. The bicycles make them stronger, just like they make us stronger!

Adaptive bicycles for special needs children are expensive because they come in many different designs and configurations. The McLindon Foundation purchases some bicycles for children who cannot use their legs from a company in Germany at a cost of $1,600 to $1,800 each. The Foundation also purchases many bikes from Freedom Concepts in Canada. The bikes from Freedom Concepts have high seat backs with harnesses for children lacking basic core strength. These bicycles from Freedom Concepts cost $2,000 to $ 5,000 each. The Foundation gets a 40% wholesale discount for purchases from Freedom Concepts.

As stated earlier, 100% of funds donated go to purchasing bicycles. The McLindon Family Foundation does not use any funds for administrative expense. The foundation also recycles the bicycles to keep costs down and get more bikes to more children.

Below is a link to the McLindon Family Foundation Facebook page.

You can click the “Donate” icon next to “Likes” on the Facebook page to donation via Paypal or credit card. Use the following email address if you want to donate directly via Paypal:

If you have any questions regarding the foundation or the bikes, please contact Andrew McLindon -, (225) 413-8126
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