Wagonwheel Thursday

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Wagonwheel Thursday

Post by 1ridindirty » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:36 pm

Rick, todays ride is dedicated to you my Friend, real man of genius, ( sing this part ) Mr. WAGONWHEEL replacement hope this will do. I had to look twice I actually thought it was a Mavic Road Wheel with bladed SILVER spokes. Who replaced that wheel, man, I thought that guy was your friend ! :lol:

The Horsepower was there today people with the group of stedes present,,, Cody " The Dago Rocket", Eric, Rhys, Steve, Brandon "Superfly" Morvant, Rick, Bryan, Ryan, Stu and a few of the other guys that showed up today, what a turn out.

There were a few new guys there as well riding solo, welcome to them !

Ryan, thanks for showing up and taking the title for Crash of The Day, hope the forearm is OK Bro ! Get your wife while you're at home away from your friends to nurse it for ya ! Be looking for the BOOK, it's the source. :lol:

Can't wait for Cody to get his bike back so we can keep up with him on the trail, this cat is the fastest mofo on a borrowed bike, he's even faster than the original owner ! :lol:

Lots of fun today !

Big Wave Dave

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Re: Wagonwheel Thursday

Post by ratboy » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:23 pm

alright bpp. how goes it? gonna start calling you the sled. cause that is what it looked like you were pulling today. we need to get you some pedals to get you back on your game. lol. it was a good ride today. the cement truck had a good time.

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