Chainbusters 6/9hr Endurance Race at OMSP

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Chainbusters 6/9hr Endurance Race at OMSP

Post by crosstown » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:37 am

Wanted to see if I could interest any of you guys down there looking for a race next weekend a chance to come up to Birmingham and get some time in the saddle on some of Oak Mtn's new trails. BUMP just finished up a new section of trail that runs from above Blood Rock on the BUMP trail, and runs about 4 miles in length down to Peavine Falls Road. It intersects right at the spot on the road where Mr. Toads has an opening to get onto the road, about .5 miles from the end of the loop at the South Trail Head. The new trail is really flowy and people have compared it to Fort Yargo, although I have never ridden there. The lower 3 miles is similar to a flow track and allows for a lot of speed and a lot of smiles, it's really fun. Next Saturday there will be a 6hr/9hr race out there that will include the new section, the Bump trail, and Johnson's Mtn. Here is a link, The loop is right at 10 miles with about 1k of elevation per lap. OMSP is allowing camping in the field across from the STH, where the start and pit areas will be as well.

If any of you guys can make it up let me know, I'll have my pit setup with food and plenty of beer for friends and family that are attending and anyone that makes the trip up from nola with their spouses or friends are more than welcome to come hang out during the race.
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Re: Chainbusters 6/9hr Endurance Race at OMSP

Post by Gpjeep » Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:07 am

There is a group from BR heading up. I think it'll be 3 relay teams and one solo. Also we will be doing the du Sunday morning. Gonna be an awesome race
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