MTB Ride Packing List

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MTB Ride Packing List

Post by ripniner » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:23 pm

Things to absolutely buy before riding:
-- Good, quality helmet (non-negotiable)
-- Some way to carry water (bottle or camelbak).

Things that are definitely recommended before riding:
-- Bike shorts
-- A CamelBak-type product to carry both water and gear
-- Spare tubes
-- Tire levers (2)
-- A quality mini-pump (don't skimp with a cheap one, trust me)
-- Tube patch kit
-- Good, quality minitool (Topeak Alien II, Crank Bros, or Park Tool offer nice ones)
-- Gloves

Other things that I've learned the hard way to keep in my hydro pack:
-- Energy gel or some other form of anti-bonk
-- Handi wipes and/or a little bottle of purell - makes cleaning hands easy for repairs or first aid
-- Those small alcohol pads that you get with other stuff - good to clean tubes for patches and are nice for first aid
-- Some form of basic ID w/ pertinent medical info
-- Cell phone (reception capabilities permitting)
-- Spare chain links, PowerLinks (2), & a good chain-breaker tool (if not on minitool)
-- A spare rear derailleur hanger
-- A comprehensive first aid kit (such as a hiker kit from REI, etc)
-- Zip-ties in assorted sizes
-- A coupla feet of duct tape (just fold it around itself for a nice compact package)
-- Bug spray
-- Shock pump (optional)
-- Small but powerful flashlight (you never know!)
-- Spoke wrench (if not on minitool)
-- Some cash

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