TM days in February 8th and 15th!

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TM days in February 8th and 15th!

Post by ripniner » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:09 pm

A big thanks to my intrepid trail angels who helped out with trail maintenance at the WFSP in January. There are two different opportunities for trail maintenance events in February. Of course, anyone can go show some love for the trails at any time, but it's more fun with friends.

Saturday, Feb 8th - Clear Springs trail work day
(Leaf blowing, weed whacking, lopping - need gas and gas cans for the blowers if you got some to spare)

Saturday, Feb 15th - Comite trail work day
Kevin Bresinger is going to herd the cats as I will be out of town. I solemnly swear to pick up trash for 4 hours on Connection Trail for missing the work day, because that's what I make Georgia do. Fair is fair.


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