2014 Trail Maintenance Angels

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2014 Trail Maintenance Angels

Post by ripniner » Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:00 pm

Time to give a shout out to our 2014 Trail Maintenance Angels!
I kept track separately of total volunteer work hours as well as BREC/BRAMBA work hours at Comite and Hooper trails.

Last year we had 1 trail maintenance day at the WFSP, 1 day at Clear Springs, and 10 days at Comite and Hooper.

Total volunteer hours at all TM days: 545 hours
Total volunteer hours at BREC days: 487 hours

Total number of volunteers: 45

First, for ALL 2014 TM hours:
Gold level, 40+ hrs: Bob Walker, Robin Gibb Diamond, and Yvette Skinner
Silver level, 30+ hrs: Carey Coxe, Thomas Bennett
Bronze level, 20+ hrs: Brandon Reid, Chris Reid, Cline Henagan, Diana Gary Strebel, Georgia Wilemon, Kyle Alan Peveto

Now for BREC TM hours:
Gold level, 30+ hrs: Bob Walker, Carey Coxe, Robin Diamond, Thomas Bennett, and Yvette Skinner.
Silver level, 20+ hrs: Brandon Reid, Chris Reid, Cline Henagan, Diana Strebel, Georgia Wilemon, Kyle Peveto
Bronze level, 10+ hrs: Jason Frazier, Ray Mitchell, Richard Thomas

Give a high five for our trail angels that work so diligently to keep the trails rideable and usable for everyone else.

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