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  • Lee McNeil

2022 BRAMBA Membership Renewal

(January - December)

Hey it’s membership renewal time!! How about gifting yourself and/or a loved one with membership to the coolest bike club around for only $25?!

To renew, go to the website, click on Membership, then View Details. Select your t-shirt size and shipping method, then you’re ready to check out!

Just in case you need reminding, you get a lot of bang for your buck! Because of your membership and the donations of our most generous sponsors, you get...

  • 🚲 A sweet T-shirt!

  • 🚲 Discounts at bike shops!

  • 🚲 An invite to our private page where we post invites and activities for BRAMBA members like club-sponsored day and weekend trips, social outings, and community outreach.

  • 🚲 An invite to our annual club-sponsored annual Easter trip!

  • 🚲 An invite to our annual club-sponsored Oak Mountain camping trip (with group campsite paid by BRAMBA along with majority of food and BEvERages all paid for by BRAMBA)!

  • 🚲 Invites to select Group Ride’s, barbecues and to our club Christmas party!! (Where this year BRAMBA bought everyone’s first round!)

  • 🚲 AND you get first dibs on cool swag like coffee mugs and silly pints! What?! What!!

🎁 Your membership also helps us buy tools and materials for work days and helps us provide lunch for all volunteers afterwards!

🎁 BRAMBA also has a bike shop appreciation day at the end of year where we feed our beloved mechanics treats on behalf of our members!

Who could possibly pass all of that up?!

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