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  • Lee McNeil

April Trail Maintenance Update

BRAMBA volunteers and BREC staff at Saturday's Trail Maintenance at Comite made several key improvements. Everyone came out ahead of the predicted rain and rebuilt the somewhat magically hinged grating bridge that comes early in the trail, widened pinched spots on Connection, removed trail blocking logs on Connection and cut back thorny vegetation in many places, all despite the day being cut a little short by a pretty intense storm.

We enjoyed barbecued pulled pork sandwiches thanks to backup chef Bob Walker and our generous sponsors, one of which who joined us and was out there the longest of anyone: Jason Huckaby with Huckaby Resources!

Let’s hear it for these folks who gave up their dry and easy morning to make the trail better for us all!

Chris Pennington with BREC

Barry Anselmo

Cody Bush

Jimbo Cox

Jason Frazier

Cline Henagan

Brian Hoover

Jason Huckaby

Jason Latino

Ray Mitchell

Troy Tynes

Bob Walker

Georgia Wilemon

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