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BRAMBA’s Annual MEMBERS-ONLY Fall Trip to Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL - 11/2/22 - 11/6/22

BRAMBA's Annual Members only Trail Trilogy…now called the Quadzilla (since now riding 4 trails)

GROUP RIDE DETAILS!! Please read thru the end!!

Dates Nov. 2-6, 2022.

💥💥It is very important that we get a headcount so please do post if joining!!💥💥

Base Camp for the entire weekend: Oak Mountain State Park! (Paid for by BRAMBA)

BRAMBA has a “group site” reserved along with the 6 camper rv sites flanking the tent site (Walker to post who has which camper site already reserved). The tent site is actually 4 sites together, that we are allowed to fit as many tents on as possible. We share a central fire pit that we cook group potluck breakfast and dinner on and sit around each evening sharing stories and brews. (Brews donated by Rally Cap sponsorship and our brewmaster Clay)

For Lunch we are on the trail so bring cliff bars etc. to pack in camelbaks. Bathroom/showers are just a short walk away.

Wednesday Those who want to ride Tannehill Wednesday (on the way to OM) need to plan to ROLL from your house/carpool location by 6:45-7:00am - Arriving at Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park for around 12:30pm and on the trail by 1:00pm. (Bathrooms at Tannehill for changing clothes, so don’t bury your ridding gear under all of your camping gear.) Tannehill is a non tech trail with an 11 mile loop of smooth, fast, flowy fun!

After our ride - we head straight to OM (@45 min drive) and set up camp.

Wednesday night: Campfire dinner (unless we have a small group) - in that case we may want to check out a local brewery.

Thursday: Leisurely campfire breakfast followed by a day of riding. Hitting Cold Water Mt. while legs are still fresh. This trail has lots of climbing and rocks making it a more challenging trail. Drive time from campsite - 1 hr 15 min. (10-30 mile ride options). Note: Plan to start from the Anniston trailhead again this year. This doesn’t get us out of starting off with a 3 mile climb….but does allow us to finish with a 2 mile decent on Hare and avoid the switchback climb out on the other trailhead.

Thursday night: Campfire dinner.

Friday: Leisurely campfire breakfast then we will hit the Sylaward Trail at Lake Howard. It is a 1 hour drive from camp. It is 15 miles of a smooth, fast flowing non tech trail. Note: Selected this ride for Friday as the Pinhoti 100 trail run will finish here late Saturday afternoon into Sunday. Parking could be difficult and we don’t want to be in their way.

Friday night: Campfire dinner.

Saturday: Leisurely campfire breakfast and plan to stay at Oak Mountain and ride trails there. (many distance options available) and will be a great way to wrap up our riding weekend.

Saturday night: Campfire dinner.

Sunday drive home completely exhausted with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction of what you just did and the new bff’s you just made.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of this. Riders will end up splitting off into different groups based on ride levels. Can absolutely make your own ride / distance. Maybe you just want to get a “taste” of each trail. Riders of all levels attend so there will be lots of different ride options available as people pick and choose what they are feeling up for.


I’d also like to try something different this year with the meals. As it is a LOT for the same guys to cook EVERY meal (for possibly 30 hangry peeps) - we need teams to step up and take on a breakfast for the group each morning.

Post up so we can get plans in motion!! 🥰 🚵🏼⛺️🍻🔥🚵🏻‍♂️🍻🔥⛺️🥰 — attending BRAMBA’s Annual Quadzilla Group Camp Ride.

Not a member? Not a problem! It’s not too late to join!

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