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  • Lee McNeil

January Trail Maintenance Day Update

We had a surprisingly good turn out of volunteers for a 26 degree Trail Maintenance Day. Thanks to some previous work by Cline Henagan, Kyle Duncan and Georgia Wilemon, the trail at Comite was mostly clear of debris. A few large branches and parts of trees had fallen in the mean time which we were able to clear. We also cut back the thorny vegetation that somehow had crept out and addressed some erosion. Included in our crew was one of our sponsors, realtor Brad Way of Keller Williams Red Stick Partners.

The trails are now in spectacular shape. Get your ride in by tomorrow afternoon because rain is on its way this week.

After a mighty cold morning of work, we warmed up with a pot of hot chicken and sausage gumbo made by our BRAMBA chef Clay-Rebecca Robinson, courtesy of BRAMBA and our generous sponsors.

Thanks again to Booker Financial Services LLC for their support.

Thanks to Chris Pennington with BREC and the following trail maintenance volunteers who didn’t let a warm bed hold them this morning; y’all cool!

🌟 Bob Walker

🌟 Brian Hoover

🌟 Bob Tassin

🌟 Jude Matherne

🌟 Ray Mitchell

🌟 Clay-Rebecca Robinson

🌟 Rubén Morales Forte

🌟 Shawn Callahan

🌟 Stephen Ostertag

🌟 Carey Coxe

Next TMD is scheduled for February 17. Check back here for confirmation and details as we draw close.

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1 Comment

Jan 21

It was a good one! I'll probably do a lap tomorrow afternoon, if anyone's interested.

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