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  • Lee McNeil

NEW BRAMBA JERSEY AVAILABLE - deadline to place order 12/23/2022


Yep - this year marks 30 years that BRAMBA has been in existence! All thanks to Kerry Stamey who saw the sport of mountain biking starting to take off and just “wanted to find a place to ride”! To commemorate this anniversary, we are selling BRAMBA jerseys (in just about any style/cut your heart desires). The retro graphic comes from the very first logo and jersey design BRAMBA ever had. The link to the “store” is below and will be active until 12/23. Orders will ship direct (starting 4 weeks from close date).


Use discount code: Jesse15 to save 15% off all items ordered (only through the team store).

Gotta think Kerry is smiling down and grateful to all those who have and continue to pick up the baton and keep “riding” with it to keep this club and these trails going! 🥰

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