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  • Lee McNeil

REMINDER Trail Maintenance Day this Sunday 1/21/2024 @ Comite

Reminder we have Trail Maintenance Day this SUNDAY January 21 from 8:00am-noon at COMITE.

We expect some fallen branches and vegetation from the ice we had this week but we also want to take care of some erosion issues. Bring your shovels, loppers and handsaws. It will be a chilly start but begins warming up about 10:00, so it will be an invigorating workout.

Please post if you will join us so we can plan our morning and get a head count for the delicious chicken and sausage gumbo we’ll serve after, courtesy of BRAMBA and our amazing sponsors!

Thanks to Booker Financial Services LLC for sponsoring this volunteer work day!

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1 Comment

Jan 19

I'm in! I rode it Wednesday, and the only downed vegetation was on the maintenance trail, I think between 13 and 18.

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