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Sunday MZ Grind & Grill!

GRIND and GRILL this Sunday at Mt. Zion! Meeting at the trailhead for 9:15am!

WHERE: 1160 Mt. Zion Rd NW, Brookhaven, MS.

RIDE DISTANCE: 1 loop = 10miles

RIDE LEVEL: ALL levels - though there is some climbing, there are multiple loop options for a 3 mile, 6 mile or 10 mile loop. You can not get lost on this trail as it is very well marked and everyone just kind of rides it at their own pace. Some will ride only 1 loop, while others will hit it multiple times.


📣Post up if joining and your contribution to the picnic.🍔🌭🍉🥗🍅🧅🥬🍪

P.S: We always like to thank the MZ crew for letting us play on their trails and use thier grill, so please bring a couple of bucks to add to their donation box.

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Aug 20, 2021

Have fun! And thanks for posting this one well in advance

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