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  • Lee McNeil

THANK YOU Trail Maintenance Volunteers

A valiant group of BRAMBA volunteers showed their dedication by coming out yesterday morning and braving what they knew they would face: heat, humidity and horseflies. Working at Comite and Hooper, all morning they tamed the jungle that wants our trails and battled eroded areas that want you, until they had almost no more sweat or blood to give. You will notice the vines have been beaten back at Comite, Connection and Hooper, especially Hardtail Hell, and the tall grass cut at Powerline, and many eroded areas re-packed. We were honored to have one of our BRAMBA sponsors, Realtor Brad Way, slashing vines deep in the trail. Everyone was welcomed back at the pavilion at lunchtime with jambalaya and white beans and cold beverages, thanks to our BRAMBA chefs and BRAMBA sponsors. Also, because you never know what you might miss by skipping a Trail Maintenance Day, as a extra special surprise, BRAMBA hats were presented to volunteers. Thanks to the following BREC staff and BRAMBA volunteers for making the trails better for all of us:

Chris Pennington- BREC

Brad Way

Bob Walker

Bob Tassin

Robin Gibb Diamond

Cody Bush

Shaun Callahan

Evin Beck

Cline Henagan

Ray Mitchell

Heather Kathleen

Jason Huckaby

Barry Anselmo

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