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  • Lee McNeil

Trail Maintenance Day Update for SUNDAY, 3/12/2023 @ Hooper Road Park

For this Daylight Savings- Sunday -Trail Maintenance Trifecta Day, we had a dedicated crew of usual suspects at Hooper. We spread out along the trail and addressed erosion and vegetation. We re-cut the old trail entrance (right at the trail sign next to the pavilion fence) which is dry, as an alternative when the current entrance and the trail that follows is wet, which it is now. We packed in the under cut eco stones at the Hardtail crossing, buying it more time, worked numerous other erosion spots such as Rabbit Hole, Impossible Climb, and places in Hardtail. We also removed the log that threatened the canal bridge on Connection Trail. As a result, Hooper is in pretty good shape and needs to be ridden.

While you’re doing that, say thanks to the following VOLUNTEERS:

Chris Pennington with BREC

Bob Walker

Ray Mitchell

Troy Tynes

Clay-Rebecca Robinson

Brad Way

Beth Zagurski

Brian Hoover

Cody Bush

Thanks to Clay-Rebecca Robinson for cooking delicious pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and potato salad and Bob Walker for setting us up with drinks!

Next TMD scheduled for April 15. Check back here for details.

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