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  • Lee McNeil

Update from yesterday’s Trail Maintenance

Yesterday’s Trail Maintenance Day was a productive one! Despite being pretty wet and sloppy overall and having a relatively small group of volunteers, we were able to fix the Bridge before the wall on the main trail, remove tree blockage, cut back the ever persistent thorny vegetation, drain wet areas, remedy smaller erosion problems and blow off leaves. We enjoyed a very satisfactory and hearty lunch of chilli dogs afterward thanks to stand-in chef, Bob Walker.

Thanks to the volunteers below who gave up their morning to be lightly rained on in fairly cool temps, the trail is in great shape for when it dries out. Also thanks to whomever righted the grating bridge during the week!

Bob Walker

Cline Henagan

Cody Bush

Barry Anselmo

Troy Tynes

Rubén Morales Forte

Georgia Wilemon

And Chris Pennington with BREC

Next scheduled Trail Maintenance Day is March 11, location TBD.

Have a fun and safe Mardi Gras!

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