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  • Lee McNeil

Weekly Group Rides Resume on 3/14 @ 5:30 PM (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

🌞Weekday Group rides will resume March 14 and take place every Tuesday and Thursday starting from the Comite trailhead! Whoop-Whoop!

(pending weather of course 🙄)

For the new peoples:

🟢Tuesdays are pretty much free-for-alls for riders who know the trails. Most have their own agenda, be it distance or speed, but are usually happy to have others join (if you can keep up 😜).

🟢 Thursday’s are geared towards new riders still learning the trails. This ride may split into different groups based on skill level and is a no-drop ride meaning we will stop for breaks and to regroup.

⏰ Each organized ride starts at 5:30pm. Often early birds will meet for 4:45pm to get in an extra lap. I will post weekly reminders that the ride is on! If you don’t post you’re joining in, people may not return to the parking lot for the 5:30pm lap(s).

🍻 After each ride feel free to join us in the parking lot to swap stories and share a tasty beverage! 🥰

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