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by Jason Evers
Featuring footage from Colorado, USA.


Impromptu Casual Pace Group Ride

When: Thu Oct 23, 2014
Where: Comite Trail Head - 5:30pm

Race of the Dead VI

When: Sat Oct 25, 2014
Where: Spillway Trail - Norco, LA

Impromptu Casual Pace Group Ride

When: Thu Oct 30, 2014
Where: Comite Trail Head - 5:30pm

2014 X-Trail Shootout

When: Sat Nov 1, 2014

Club Meeting!

When: Mon Nov 10, 2014
Where: check forum and fb page for location


Trail Conditions - Re: Comite Conditions

Posted By: GettinGains
10/22/2014 9:37 pm
Anyone planning on riding Friday am?

Rides and Events - Re: Tuesday / Thursday Night Rides!

Posted By: Robin
10/22/2014 6:27 pm
be like the cool kids....and come join us for a night ride!Meet at Comite for 5:30pm.

Rides and Events - Re: Group Ride / Ridgeland, MS 10/18/14 (Saturday)

Posted By: batgirl
10/21/2014 12:11 pm
We had a great ride! The trails are fun and in perfect shape. Very similar to riding at Mt. Zion. Thanks, Robin!

Rides and Events - Tuesday / Thursday Night Rides!

Posted By: Robin
10/20/2014 7:04 pm
Will you howl or Hoot or will you belt out a cock-a-doodle-doo? You never can tell what animal instincts will emerge during a moonlight ride. So, Charge those lights!...for tomorrow is our first night ride of the season!BREC has given us permission to continue our Tuesday and Thursday Night group r...

Trail Maintenance - Next time a THANKS will suffice...

Posted By: Robin
10/19/2014 2:45 pm
Did you know that we only host trail maintenance days 1 day a month? That's only 12 days a year that BREC officially asks for volunteers to help maintain this super fun trail system we are so very fortunate to have. Just 12 days (and only 4 hours on that day) do we ask people to ride a different tr...

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BRAMBA: Who we are.

The Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association (BRAMBA) was formed in December 1992, in response to a need for a mountain bike trail in the Baton Rouge area. Until that time, bikers were riding the "levee trail," near the water's edge on the east bank of the Mississippi River, but that trail was under water during the spring. Other than the levee trail, local riders had to drive two hours to Alexandria, Louisiana, or Clear Springs, Mississippi, to find suitable mountain bike trails to ride. This need for a place to ride and fun people to ride with coincided with the explosive growth and popularity of mountain biking. BRAMBA was officially formed to find a permanent trail, organize trail building efforts, and support mountain biking in the Baton Rouge area. BRAMBA secured a 240-acre parcel of land at Hooper Road Park from BREC for mountain bike use. The Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association, Inc. has been recognized as a not for profit organization under IRS 501(c)3; any donations to BRAMBA are tax exempt. Today we operate as advocates of the Kerry Stamey Trail System and support being healthy and having fun through cycling and the MTB community!

To learn more about our organization, please visit us in our forum, and thank you for visiting bramba.org!