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WoW Ride 2/2/2020!

We are way overdue for another WOW Ride (Women On Wheels)❣️ So, weather pending - I’m hoping we can pull this off next Sunday 2/2/20 - Meet at Comite for 10:00am. These rides are open to all ride levels and are all about women helping women navigate the trails and gain confidence in their riding abilities. 🥰 New to the trails? This ride is for you! Or maybe you are a seasoned rider - Pay it forward and come share your knowledge and help spread the love of Mt biking to new riders in a relaxing, fun atmosphere! 🤩 Helmets are mandatory. Post up if you don’t have one. Someone might have an extra that you can borrow. Also don’t forget to have a means of carrying water or electrolytes (camelbak or water bottle bike mounts) - even though it’s chilly and may not sweat as much, you still need to hydrate! Gloves also recommended! Please post if you can join us so we know who to look for. See y’all there! 🚴🏼‍♀️❤️ 

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