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  • Lee McNeil

Group ride @ HOOPER!! Thursday, 10/13/2022 @ 4:45pm & 5:30pm


Going to take it back to Hooper BREC park trails again.

Trailhead is at: 6261 Guynell Drive, Baton Rouge. (in the back of the Sharron Hills Subdivision)

Early birds familiar with the trail that are up for a quick nonstop lap meet for 4:45pm at the Hooper Trailhead. The casual no rider left behind lap meets for 5:30pm. This lap is open to ALL levels as there is truly something for everyone at Hooper. Those looking for less tech can stay on the race loop. Wanting a bit more tech?…then add in G2, Goat and Williams Web. Needing more? Hardtail Hell has 7 drop-ins / climb-outs!

Post up if ya in, so we know who to look for!

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