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  • Lee McNeil

Update - June Trail Maintenance @ Comite

The reason you can go ride Comite and not have to haul over, under or around fallen debris, not get fouled up by a sneaky root at Head Hunter and not get ripped up by thorns over the trail is because of these BRAMBA volunteers and what they did this morning at Trail Maintenance Day! They knew it would be hot, sweaty and buggy and that they wouldn’t even get a ride out it and they came anyway. They even went well beyond the parameters of our hot weather work hours, so determined we’re they to make a difference.

Let’s hear it for this be-puddled trail crew and wish them happy re-hydration. Y’all rock!

Bob Walker

Robin Diamond

Rawls Sides

Nicholas Whitchurch

Ray Mitchell

and Brian Hoover

Next Super Fun Trail Maintenance Day is scheduled for July 8.

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