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  • Lee McNeil

Reminder - Bubbathon @ Comite - Saturday, 6/11/2022 - Registration @ 9:00 AM - Ride @ 10:00 AM

Bubbathon is Back!🤪😈🤡

What is the Bubbathon?!

The Bubbathon is the most unforgettable lap you will ever ride at Comite. This fun event (not a race) on June 11th, will consist of riding one complete lap at Comite where, along the way, you will come to 5 checkpoints on the trail. At each checkpoint, you will be presented with a food item to be consumed in its entirety or a task to complete! For this, you will receive a token to be turned in at the end of the lap. Don't think your stomach can take it? don't have to eat it. BUT for every token you receive, that is the number of times your name goes into the hat for a drawing of some great swag! Once you complete the lap, you have a 6th shot at getting your name added by completing one last secret task for the finale!

This event is FREE...(but here's the catch) to MEMBERS ONLY!! What's that? Not a member?! Well there's still time to join!!...and take advantage of membership benefits. Join up online or the day of the event. ($25.00 membership fee).

9:00am - Check-in or membership sign up starts

10:00 am - Ride takes off

Don't dilly dally now because you only have 1.5 hours to complete the trail and turn in your tokens. The swag drawing starts at 11:45am and you want to have as many tokens as possible turned in.

And in case you're still hungry, BRAMBA will be cooking and serving up some pastalaya! This is our way of saying THANKS for supporting BRAMBA and our trails!

Do post if attending! It is important that we have a good idea of headcount!! 🥰

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