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SAVE THE DATE - Members Only Fall Trip to Oak Mountain (Alabama)

This is BRAMBAs annual members-only annual Fall trip.  BRAMBA pays for the (tent) campsite and food for breakfast and dinner.  Not a member? Not a problem! It’s not too late to join!

SAVE THE DATE for BRAMBA's Annual Trip to Oak Mountain!

Dates: November 2 - 6

BRAMBA has a “group site” (its actually multiple sites together) and we are allowed to fit as many tents on it as possible. We share a central fire pit that we cook group potluck breakfast and dinner on and sit around each evening sharing stories about our rides. Bathroom/showers are just a short walk away.

Tentative ride plans:

Tannehill State Park in Birmingham. (45 min drive from camp)

Not a technical trail - 11 mile loop of smooth, fast, flowy fun!

We usually stop on the way there (and sometimes on the way back

Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham

(many distance options available)

Cold Water Mountain in Anniston (1 hr 15 min drive from our campsite)

10-20+ mile ride options

Sylaward Trail at Lake Howard (1 hour drive from camp)

Sunday drive home exhausted with more stories to tell.

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